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L.A. THe Hometown/Star Tribe The Label

FOLLOW ME & I'LL BE YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD GUY!!!!!. jus kiddin' but at least Follow Me im actually a nice dude to be around but quiet most of tHe time. Im 19, graduated 2011, Laotian/THai, i love "Lowriders" alot also added witH Hydraulics sometHin to cruise around in, livin in Holland MicHigan, No job but lookin for one tHo wHicH Holland aint got any good jobs, single ready to mingle but i love "Latina" "PR" any tHat got a spanisH accent girls if tHey're sexy witH a sexy body, cute face, (PERFECT TEETH) witH a beautiful smile & (DOESN'T SMOKE CIGS OR WEED). Also (DOESN'T DRINK ALOT!) i dig tHat in a girl, i sing wHen i dont Have anytHing to do, sometimes draw random sHit not really tHe best at artistic stuff but i try Hard to per-fect it, i luv meetin new people sometimes, lift weigHts everyday if i miss a day or more i gotta do more i pusH myself to tHe limit - "still workin on it tHo tHeres wHat you'll know mucH about me"

THe Definition of HiiiPower:

What is HiiiPower? HiiiPoWeR is the way we think, The way we live, See its known today that the human race is nothing, No morals No standards, See what we about to do is raise the level ofโ€ฆ.Expectations, No you dont have to have alot of money, You dont have to be rich, but u will be rich in mind an spirit, some say its big as a crew some say its big as a gang, we stand for it as if its as big as a religion. The 3 i's stand for "Heart", "Honor" & "Respect" - (Kendrick Lamar)
Born In California, Raised In MicHigan,
just to let everyone know my birtHday Nov. 4, 1992 remember tHat take a picture write it down & don't forget to give me sometHin on tHat date!
Call Me "Kid Cali" i dont reveal my real name to no one,
im smoke-free & alcoHol-free

My Favorite Rappers: Black Hippy(Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolBoy Q & Ab-Soul), Game, Snoop Dogg,Dr.Dre, N.W.A, YG, XV, Terrace Martin, Dizzy Wright, Future, THe RZA, MacHine Gun Kelly, FrencH Montana, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill, 2 CHainz, CHief Keef
R&B: Lloyd, Trey Songz
Idols: Game, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre & N.W.A
I Find New Exclusive Music Everyday
Star Gang Galaxy Is THe Record Label

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